Fine Art Abstract Macro Photography.  Innovative techniques for capturing the behavior of light as it intersects at the corner of Art and Science. 

The Light of Day Triptych

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The Light of Day Triptych

When we focus on the starkness of the darkness in night or troubled times, we tend to forget that a few hours before and just ahead of us light prevails. Lifting our minds up and looking ahead feeds our optimism as we traverse the dark.  Even in our most abyssian of moments, there is always light and optimism that surrounds us.  An intentional mind and humanity can seek, see and select this path.  We simply need to decide and act in that direction.  Be that beacon for those around you.  Humanity needs that hope.  Give it freely and without attachment.

This Limited Edition run has three framed 8″ x 10″ print images with a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity.  Custom made frames and color choices accentuate the underlying premise: light is more powerful, overshadows and prevails over darkness and negativity. A single set of three Artist Proofs is sold as an unbreakable group. Twenty five unbreakable framed sets exist.

Wander in this creative world of fine art photography. Take a visual vacation away from your hectic world to site, ponder and breathe then return refreshed, recharged and revitalized.  The Light of Day Triptych existed at the intersection of two creative worlds – Science and Art. This is innovative photography that finds images that come to life in the abstraction of macro as Oil, Inks, Glass and Air.  In his photo studio Jim is able to create unique experiments and understand light in more depth as it obeys the natural laws that govern its behavior.  His mission is simple: to brighten your life experiences through the artisan craft of photography.

Origin Story Details:

April 9th 2024; Canon 5D Mark IV; 100mm Macro w/Ext. Rings; f/2.8 | 1/160 sec | ISO 100; Object size: ~1”

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