About the Artist

Jim McCormick

For decades, photography has been a creative outlet where I explored different techniques and styles.  I found this curious place where air, oil, water, and glass intersect. Abstract Macro Photography was born as my deepest artistic passion.  My expressive voice is a blend of chemistry, physics, and photographic art.  I learn with each experiment and better understand how light bends, reflects or refracts in, and through, the materials.  I find a quiet peacefulness in that place that no one else experiences until I share it as an image or print.  Abstract photography asks us to explore, inquire, and consider: what materials were used; how was that photo captured; what interpretations are considered; how does the viewer consider the image; and so much more.
“Healing is found in this art form as it opens the mind to new thoughts.”
This creative outlet allows me to take leave of my work as an executive physician. The prints invite a global audience into my photographic world, inspire the viewer, and start a dialogue. Restorative, contemplative, and meditative are words that describe the interactive experience. Healing is found in this art form as it opens the mind to new thoughts. Art is Air for the Mind® reflects the healing nature of my expression. Curiosity and inspiration find a strong voice in the abstract. Viewers are drawn in to ask about focal planes, motion, color, and the materials. Evocative and provocative images are selected for their ability to prompt people to have unique impressions inspired from the same photo. Countless people online, at shows, in galleries, and those who have purchased the prints find themselves engaged with a piece of art that makes them think and ponder the emotions cued from what they see.
I believe we arrive at a better place as we consider art that moves us beyond our normal experience and life. That open door brings us diversion, distraction, and discovery. This is where I find the artwork to be joyful as I help move people to a better place. Customers who purchase a fine art print find it to exceed their expectations and fall in love with the large format print as their emotions are sparked. Explore this world with me and add art to enhance your life’s experience.

Jim McCormick, MD