Fine Art Abstract Macro Photography.  Innovative techniques for capturing the behavior of light as it intersects at the corner of Art and Science. 

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A Pole Apart in Golden Solitude

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A Pole Apart in Golden Solitude

Wander in this creative world of fine art photography. Take a visual vacation away from your hectic world to site, ponder and breathe then return refreshed, recharged and revitalized.  A Pole Apart in Golden Solitude was discovered at the intersection of two creative worlds – Science and Art.  This is innovative photography that finds images that come to life in the abstraction of macro as Oil, Inks, Glass and Air.  In his photo studio Jim is able to create unique experiments and understand light in more depth as it obeys the natural laws that govern its behavior.  His mission is simple: to brighten your life experiences through the artisan craft of photography. 

Origin Story Details:

September 1st 2021; Canon 5Ds Mark IV; 100mm Macro w/Ext. Rings; f/2.8 | 1/15 sec | ISO 200; Object size: ~2”

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