Fine Art Abstract Macro Photography.  Innovative techniques for capturing the behavior of light as it intersects at the corner of Art and Science. 

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Welcome to Fine Art Lens

Fine Art Lens is a place to wander, be curious and intrigued by Jim McCormick’s fine art macro photography. There is mystery in the images brought to life in the unique view of the world of the Fine Art Lens abstract macro photography. Take a few minutes to sit, ponder, breathe and leave the world behind for a short visual departure.  Simply allow the photography and its flowing colors, energy and oeuvre take you away from your world.  Return refreshed, recharged and revitalized.

This abstract photography takes place at the intersection of Science and Art brings together very separate worlds.  The interaction between the two leads to some exciting images and fine art prints.  I welcome comments and questions.  Feel free to send me a question here or on my social media sites with links below.



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