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Visit with Jim – Transformation

Good day!  Let’s walk through how the previous posts connect a set of dots.  How does a photograph moves beyond the web images many of you see and enjoy then ask the question, how does this become art?  Like so many things in life, it is a leap of trust, not faith, but trust.  I need to earn your trust that the photos are faithfully produced with all the attention to quality and detail that merit your consideration.  You the customer need to ask: Can I trust that this art will deliver on their mission statement: This art exists to add light, color and energy into your life experiences.  The technique used to capture the objective is important.  Curating the images is important.  Printing is critically important.  Framing is another dimension that is can be transformative.  It is the fusion of each of these steps that move the entire process forward where the original work becomes far more intriguing that the sum of the parts.  You the audience can then begin to trust our commitment to excellence in quality, experience and art. 


As I recently mentioned one of our weekend hobbies is estate sale shopping, an activity that I touched on with the recent ‘how do I pick my glass’ post.  A few months ago we were at an estate in Richmond and found three ornate gold frames.  No glass, no art, no matte or backing … Just frames.  I stopped and immediately knew.  They were mine.   They came home with us and sat in the living room against the wall.  Quiet and idle.  The days’ light would bounce off them and pass through them.  I knew they would work, but needed time to marinate and free associate in my mind, my wife’s mind and then our minds.  These are the most Rococo style pieces that I have ever bought.  That was a challenge by itself.  They are not frames that I would typically consider and not frames that I could ‘mash up’ with my abstract photography.   Days and weeks passed.   How to pair modern abstract photography and conceptual design from the 1700s?  Then I started reading and learning more. 

Not the framing expert here, I went to a British museum website that explains the history behind this style   Rococo was known for its departure from a rules bound era of the Classical style of design.  It broke the rules, or, as they more descriptively put it, had no rules.  That is why they spoke to me.  They broke the rules as I am in the habit of doing with my camera.  Some of my mentors have proposed, rightfully so, that matting and framing should not overpower the artwork.  Clean lines and simple matte selection will highlight and accentuate the artwork.  This has always rang true to me.  However, here we were.  Stuck between the ornate and extravagant past and the sleek, design forward future…   Could they work together (hint yes)?  How would they work together?  As is so often the case, my work mind began to take over.  Not the science mind, but the solutions oriented mind.   That is one of my main strengths in life.   Persistence and solve problems to arrive at a solution. That is the entrepreneurs dilemma and super power for those who succeed.  Press forward where others stop.  Solve where others would walk away.  Push where others fatigue.  Always, ALWAYS allow a solutions oriented and open mind set to dominate and ensure that options and choices appear.  They did. 


While cutting prints for our upcoming shows, three photographs came across the table.   We have sold a pair via our friends at Work of Art Gallery in Miami to a private collector.  The photographs spoke to us again. The artwork is part of a sequence shoot called Pastels.  Injecting inks into a Petri dish created a lacy, filigreed  whimsical set of prints. These three met the need.  Philosophy, style, pattern all aligned.  We spent some time thinking through the matte selections and below are the three signature one of kind set of pieces of artwork.   Each has a 1/1 Certificate of Authenticity as a one of a kind piece of artwork.  We will preview them live at the upcoming show in Charlotte NC.   The trio can never be produced again. 

We are simply over the moon with happiness about how they turned out and look forward to sharing this with you, our audience in Charlotte, or perhaps our friends in Myrtle Beach, SC and we cannot forget our Norfolk, VA community.   

So there they are below.  Our happiness and our intent to propagate those moments of joy to our viewing community.  

What are your thoughts about the frames?  Do the frames add to the photography?  Do they enhance the delicate movements within the photographs and their myriad patterns and colors?   Would you mix these style frames with this contemporary art?  Does it work?   Why?   Why not?  


The sizes on these prints and frames is:  34″ x 30″;  37″ x 29″;  35″ x 32″ and each stands out from the wall about 2-3″ to add depth.  Each one is powerful, delicate, unique and speaks to the heart of my passion here.   Frames and photographs that are a ‘fine dining and Michelin pairing’.  I want to create that moment we shared in an earlier post about the curated dining experiences in Paris.  I want you to open that cloche and fully breathe deeply and have that emphatic emotional connection: ‘I would never have guessed that would work’ moment.  These three will never exist in this framing again.  So for me, I am absolutely on the hunt for new unusual frames in order to continue down this road of novel pairings.  

How would you place them in your home?  Where would they fit in your life?  What order would you see them?  We can mock up images for you.  We have done that for our clients on recent projects. 

And so we come full circle again.  Simply being in the moment, that place of Zen, of being in the moment is it.  That is why these thrill me and are far beyond a success for me.  After an experiment, I listened to the creative mind, stayed there for a bit.  Allowed that voice and mind to dominate.  The results are beyond what I thought was ever possible for me.  So isn’t that what we all need to do more of?  Trust ourselves.  Believe in ourselves. Challenges ourselves.  Push ourselves.  The results can be beyond what our inner voice permit.  That limiting self who is the naysayer, the critic.  We know what we can achieve … pursue that and you will be successful and deeply rewarded. 

Join me in a fireside chat via Zoom in the evening to discuss any aspect of my artwork.  To qualify, and join a video conversation send your contact information here and let me know what you would want to talk about.  The selected participants will receive a 25% discount on any of my unlimited edition pieces of art.  I will personally sign the piece at printing.  Even more, the gallery is offering this purchase of unlimited edition pieces of art risk free for you. Free shipping, Free return, and no questions asked.  If you are unhappy with the art work send us a note and we will cover the return.  You can keep the print for 30 days to enjoy the selection in your home or office. This risk free offer does not apply to metal, acrylic, Signature, Artist Proof or Limited Edition prints.





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