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Visit with Jim – Quasar Set

We started our 1:1 fireside chats with someone who has been a friend of mine for decades, nearly a half century!   Never thought that phrase would leave my lips, but how lucky and blessed am I to be able to say that for him, for me and for so many others whose relationships have remained intact since childhood.  What a remarkable gift: lifelong friendship.  


My friend, Larry, was on a Zoom session with me recently and we began talking about the photograph in the upper  right side of the page.   A bright feathery image that is very popular at our live events including our show last weekend in Charlotte, NC.   The photo gets its name from the early experiences that I shared about astronomy and photography.   It reminded me of how powerful energy fountains would be ejected from the poles of quasars.  The teals, whites, blacks and gold flecks all create a stunning image when viewed in person and on the aluminum metal print.  The color palette will also change with the lighting source and intensity.  We spent time, thinking and discussing, what parts of the image caught our attention and compelled a physical or emotional response. 

At our live events, the smiles and Aha moments are too numerous to count and too precious to skip past. That is the core of our mission statement: This art exists to add light, color and energy into your life experiences.  It is a simple fundamental truth on our part.  This past weekend, there was a never ending line of Wait/What statements.   People tend to assume these are digital illustrations and are surprised to learn that each of these three images were captured and printed as shot … in a Petri dish … and were only 3-4″ in size.

This is where it can get challenging and require a shift in our mindsets.  For me, there is an obligation to open my mind to alternative interpretations.  Your history, experiences and biases bring fresh interpretations and solutions to the dialogue.  There is a beautiful transition point during live shows where you the audience begin to understand.  Where we both come to understand that there is undiscovered beauty in small space, unseen places and it is those that I enjoy finding, developing and printing in order to share with the world.  The photograph above, Quasar Stellar Flare #2 changes remarkably when different perspectives look at it.  Interpretations of the image have included a lily flower cut in half releasing its pollen, a delicate lacy jellyfish, chakras, an homage to Bob Marley and a powerfully quiet woman.  As Larry and I were discussing the various interpretations, we were also intrigued by the deep dark areas where gold flakes could be stars unimaginably far away across space and time. This print on metal is vibrant, energetic, optimistic.  That is where I want this artform to take us.  It certainly is an uplifting activity for my evenings, weekends and holidays.  

So we began to further explore the sequence of images that led us to the one above.  These two are Quasar Accretion Disk and Quasar Solar Flare.  They precede Quasar Flare by a few seconds within the Petri dish.  The dark void transmit a sense of deep calm.  Stillness. Solitude. The band of intense white and yellow create an energetic divide between the light and the dark and the two halves of the photo.  When you examine the photo up close the interaction of the white and yellow inks are electric and alive with thin fimbriae and filaments.   Pale cloud slowly peel off as the elements cool and become part of deep space.

Larry brought up thoughts around music that would fit the photographs.  Trying to pair the images and the right music is becoming an intriguing part of the process.  He spoke of the music as more passage to consider.  Brian Eno and Pink Floyd were fairly easy parings.  Eno’s Julie With … from Before and After Science is a great match.  Reimagine the lines: “Now it seems to be so strange here / Now its so blue / The still sea is darker than before… / No wind disturbs our coloured sail / The radio is silent, so are we / Julies head is on her arm / Her fingers brush the surface of the sea. as them being adrift in deep space”.  It is an exquisitely matched pair.  Allow the music to wash over you as you meditate on the images.  The next step is to 

Pushing deeper Alex De Grassi, Leo Abrams, and I am sure there are many others.  Who would you suggest as musician whose craftwork matches these photos?   Larry then mentioned creating music that would pair.  How would you create music that matches up to the imagery?  Would it be peaceful?  Would it be electrifying?  Would it transition from tempo to tempo?

And so as we wrap up this week’s post, I want to thank Larry for his time and insights.  The topic of music is definitely one of several areas of expertise he has mastered over the years.   Would you the audience like to see more of these calming video posts?  Your thoughts are also welcome.  Have a great week!

If you would like to join me in a fireside chat via Zoom in the evening to discuss any aspect of my artwork.  To qualify, and join a video conversation send your contact information here and let me know what you would want to talk about.  The selected participants will receive a 25% discount on any of my unlimited edition pieces of art.  I will personally sign the piece at printing.  Even more, the gallery is offering this purchase of unlimited edition pieces of art risk free for you. Free shipping, Free return, and no questions asked.  If you are unhappy with the art work send us a note and we will cover the return.  You can keep the print for 30 days to enjoy the selection in your home or office. This risk free offer does not apply to metal, acrylic, Signature, Artist Proof or Limited Edition prints.





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