Visit with Jim – Deep Space and Quietude

2 Replies to “Visit with Jim – Deep Space and Quietude”

  1. Angela Anthony

    These pieces were crucial for me to see today. They took me to a time when I may have been seven or eight years old. We had several long Saturdays at the beach. I remember being unable to wait for everyone to unpack and settle on the beach before I was off on an adventure. The ocean called me. The cold shock of the water and salt stinging my eyes was no deterrent. I would quickly make friends with kids I didn’t know. We took on the waves without fear. It never failed that there would always be one big wave to take me under. The strength of the breaking wave had complete control. When I fought the wave, it seemed like I would never get through it. When I relaxed and went with the movement, I found myself rebounding quickly.
    When the wave’s energy had control, I would keep my eyes open under the water. The combination of colors quickly moving against a deep dark blue terrain was mesmerizing. I would find myself comparing each experience to each other, never being able to see the last precious moment twice.
    At the end of the day, I would be alone and exhausted. Friends moved on with their families, and the sunset messaged the end of my adventure. Being rocked by the waves and burned by the ocean floor should have discouraged me from wanting to seek out another experience in the sea with the unpredictable waves. It didn’t. It kept me coming back. I was resilient and brave and trusted myself. I enjoyed what I had learned and used it the next time. I made new friends and saw many more sunsets.
    These pieces of art have recalled those memories for me. Those vivid pictures are in my mind. My definition of deep space. It also reminds me of my strength. What is to be brave and seek out adventure.
    Thank you for sharing your art and insights.

    1. Jim McCormick III[ Post Author ]

      Angela, Your post prompted me to think back to those days for me. While I started the thread on outer space, you brought it to inner space. Very cool and thank you for that. Your post brings me back to Zuma beach and trying to learn to surf. The shoreside of the waves is loud, turbulent and is exactly what you describe in your experience ‘the washing machine’ effect. However, when I pushed through to the other side and sat on my board, the water was so calm, peaceful and clear. I was never able to stand up. I probably should have paid for a coach, but I can be very makulit. It strikes me now 30 plus years later to be true to our current circumstance in life: periods of turbulence and a sense of loss of control can pass when we push through to discover the other side where there is stability, peace with a return to order and control. An illusion can rise up that we lost control if we allow our minds to become reactive and stay in that froth. A lot can change around us, but we can control our thinking and stay in a mode where we are thoughtful, considered and intention in plans and decisions. Really appreciate your sharing.

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