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Visit with Jim – Breathe and Exhale

Today’s post explores the concept of calm, breathe and peaceful reflection.  How does art prompt specific emotions and reactions speaking to us on a deeper level, not simply a ‘that’s a neat image’ plane.  Recently this set of photos called Curves in Gold struck an interesting chord for me.  My cousin saw the posts in LinkedIn.  Her reaction was clear and positive.  When I asked what prompted her response, she said: “it was the colors at first, but while looking at them individually and as three together, I just found myself exhaling. Very soothing and comforting.”  The experience had layers and built with time as she considered them. 

That is one of the nuggets I strive to deliver upon.  Our mission, vision and values all have two core elements: You and Your Experiences. How does this photography give you pause? Mission: This art exists to add light, color and energy into your life experiences.  Vision: We will be on the breaking edge or abstract photography bringing forward new artwork that inspires. Values: Honesty.  Trust. Authenticity. Simplicity.  Your Experience. 

So how do we brighten your day and life experiences?  Similar to my cousin’s response, my answer as the artist and the feedback from customers has several layers to unpack.  I have come to learn the visual image itself needs have calming colors, soothing patterns and gentle application of light.  This is important, but not the end of the story on how we deliver on the MVV above.  The next layer is for you to see and hold the art in your hands.  Moving from seeing it on a computer screen to holding in hand and seeing it on a wall.   That tactile reality is very important.  The next layer is understanding the story behind the photograph.  How did it come into existence? That is always an interesting moment with people at shows.  The last layer that I can think of is the conversation that follows.  The chance where I get to share the myriad number of interpretations gathered and learned along the way from so many others that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and chat with.  So how do we get across that series of bridges in order to arrive?  We want you to be able to breathe.  To exhale.  To become peaceful.  That takes a leap of faith as an aspect of engaging in this photographic artform.  

It fascinates me how difficult it can be to add those few simple habits into my life.  I marvel at people who have seemingly adopted that into their lives with ease.   We tend to spend our time DOING and FILLING our lives with busy activities and relatively uninspired stuff.   Rather than DOING and FILLING if we were to stop, pause, breathe and exhale we are likely to receive far more important and valuable investments in our personal wellness and health.   Activities are important.  Financial health, physical health, spiritual well being and other dimensions all compete for our attention and time.   How does one prioritize the time allocated to each and the limited resources we have to every one?   Where does one find time to find these moments of inner calm and peace.  To you the audience, how do you achieve that?

There is a deeper quieter stillness that happens in the studio.  During the setup and photoshoot hours of quiet time unfold.  The bright lights create a focal point in an otherwise dark space.  So bright, that the rest of the room turns to black.  Not sinister, but quiet.  Some KJAZZ or Calmradio can be streaming during the shoot. There are no outside calls, texts, IMs, posts, chats, FT, Zoom … you get the point.  The outside world is pushed away and is not allowed inside that space, unless it is bringing calm, peace and the ability to breathe.  In quiet stillness.  In inner reflection. In the ability to completely and a fulfilling exhale. 

Curves in Gold #1

Each Curve in Gold photograph is the byproduct of me exhaling.  However that activity of life was intended to create a effect in the Petri dish.  It was not intended to create inner peace, to create calm, to share a moment together.   Yet here we find ourselves sharing a moment and an experience.  So to my cousin Dianne McCormick Thank you!.  As always, I learn from my audience about how we can find peace, contentment and a positive energy in distilling things that surround us and focusing on what matters: things that bring us those core emotions.

Every Curve in Gold is both accidental and intentional.  A desire to bring you, my audience calm.  For everyone who strives to bring us peace, calm and joy … Thank you!  Each of you contributes to my life in a positive manner.  I can only begin to hope to return that kindness.

                           That is my gift to you today



                           Find your centered calmness

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